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observe however that he still has considerable pallor

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procedures of hospital administration or unnecessarily distant travel

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Hemocytometer graduated pipette of for dilution of blood serum

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all deprived of their sensibility and self possession. It is probable

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it is needless to state are very numerous. Perhaps the

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without elevation of the temperature and is character

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and therefore is prone to manifest in a different way the symptoms

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eczema and when we had a case of dermatitis and did

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enjoined for a few days. When the scrofulous diathesis is marked

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malignancy. In the author s experience stricture was

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subjected to the action of curare after total cessation

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tal for vesical and uterine prolapse and whose future condition will

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In the first place the vaccine virus must be obtained only from

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it pic i t i through lite a vesicular form surrounded by

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in a liquid containing the organisms to be tested a certain

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phosphates and earthy phosphates by titration with uranium acetate

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latter greater quantities of ethyl chloride entered the

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none were found after which a drainage tube was inserted

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who has given the treatment a fair and careful test no

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time rejected our meats and meat products now unhesitatingly ac

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The fourth part gives a short account of each of all the

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Meean Meer. The members are Mr. Strachey of the civil

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It is their rupture which gives rise to the cracking sound. I

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OT granulations. The granulations usually have a yellowinh and thrd f

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or of some disturbing cause or even without any appreciable reason the

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Alfred Howell Atkin Birmingham John Gordon M Candlish Leeds John Dale

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their tone prevent subsequent distension and thus remove the

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