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with autogenous vaccines would seem to indicate that it

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the skin and not at all perhaps on the punctured spot and

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subsequent appearance of the indurated infecting sore upon

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three weeks. Boiling has been shown to be the simplest and easiest

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pain. Bowels were regular the tongueclean and moist and the

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diluted with distilled water. Some of the subjects were long accus

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duration. The paralysis was classical. The patient was put on specific treatment piUs

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very well aware what was the matter with him. I found him

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tiple neuritis was graphically described in by James Jacks on Sr. of

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always the middle lobe that by its enlargement causes

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This would limit the use of this method largely to serum

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pectoration a persistent froth forms the upper layer the middle layer

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to hold that it is impossible for a second infection to occur from

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years. His children by his second wife were Edward Roby

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certain cases with definite indication the various operative

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entire with a spatula until the mixture be homogeneous and the jelly

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Michigan in Howell s American Text Book If pressure be brought

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Fat consumption figures in different American cities

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whether the vaccination has been primary or secondiry.

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handed but left eyed because of much higher and in

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his oflicial report about the middle of last month in which is

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cholesterin in the blood is accompanied by an erup

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