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quently in one person and two recurrences in another.

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ment of vertebral column compression symptoms varying as the pa

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to give to Ottawa favourable publicity. He has at great

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The papules are not scaly they are smooth slightly con

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I. F is the rectum supporter. The bulb A is hollow and

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plete objective examination. In this we have the advantage

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water by simple agitation. Almost all are soluble in

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care. Ether is the safest anesthetic in temperate climes for

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doomsday but unless he has made thorough dissections of the human body

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ceased running from the left breast. The right although much

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First Pair Olfacl y the nerves of smelling. Each arises by

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tion the patient may be supported sufficiently long to tide him over the


uterus inverted and that he replaced it in five minutes that

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doctrine enunciated by Lever Garrod and Rees and refused to believe in

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al ba thin white lamella connecting the rostrum of cor

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also in the one case slit ht epileptiform seizuiTS and in the

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making well qualified men by being ever mindful of medical progress and

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with any evident paralysis and which not infrequently

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Jacobus Miller Anglus. On Urinary Calculus with some Re

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the posterior surface of the liver embedded in the fatty cushion sur

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and advises this management of such cases rather than their com

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white matter until the cord becomcB vacuolated. The degen

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olijrci of removing both ovaries was to put a stop to the

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ways occur in the course of the disease produce pathological

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fourth year class as candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medi

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On evaporating some of the filtered ethereal extract and

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Soden eta The use of the waters at Karlsbad requires great precau

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of a temporary hospital or detachment will make the

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tached to the points of the teeth and partly closes

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leys were tree f n.m goitre though it was common all

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excessive stretching and tension. Clarke Prout and Taylor have found

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extent be accounted for by the fact that the prostate had

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of those who died one and under five years per cent were

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which created a State Livestock Sanitary Board and defined its

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himself and his patient. Instances of such are removal

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wrapped in flames the Small Pox hospital rendering neces

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maintaining a practical bearing to the researches of physiology of

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inflamed and enlarged to the size of a filbert the discharge con

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be obtained on stimulation of the centrifugal nerves.

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Resuscitation by rhythmical traction on the tongue

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through an epidemic and perhaps many thousands that hire

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Those who were morbidly obsessed in favor of universal slaugh

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