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Such cases are classed by Hayem under the head of chloro ansemia.

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mercurialize the patient without delay in patients whose skin is badly affected

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influenza by the injection of streptococci and staphy

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that out of fifty lesions per cent were specific and per cent were

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porary amelioration of the general condition. lt n

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plication is especially indicated both during the height of

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According to the Medical Record all the surgeons of the Cuban

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doing. You must exercise patience and good judgment and not

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Assistant Surgeon Ear and Throat Department Royal Infirmary

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Rio during the epidemic season as is stated by Dr. Freire

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Treatmedt of the Gastro Intestinal Symptoms in Typhoid

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will be pleased to reciprocate with them in the matter of

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several hours. The pain though considerable did not approach

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