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well remembered by his lithotomy instruments for which the Academy
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thorax upon the lungs an lt l otlier thoracic and abdominal viscera are
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tion with three fingers and with two fingers of the
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ticular kind of fresh air. A locality should be selected
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fever occurred with the invasion of the upper lobe.
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nature of the organic lesion and the condition of the heart
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The coroner s duties require the exerciste of two im
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must have his definitions aud descriptions expressed
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is received for the moved parts always endeavour to communicate their mo
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pital Fellow of the American Gynecological Society
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off at a temperature not quite reaching its boiling
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admiration and wonders whether all his senses are not
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Methods of treating the Stump. Very many methods have been devised
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horse sheep and cattle. Antimony an active and deadly
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Causes. Exposure to cold or an injury may be exciting
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pression myelitis. In recent years this view has been largely modified by
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Like all other affections these can only be managed intelligently
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general average of mortality from consumption in the city was less than
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carbon and hydrogen in the form of carbonic acid and water
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sufficient liony material to finally bear the weight of
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is a small slit which allows the escape of air and a
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of the medical board to steal patients but that the paucity
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In September the Eighth Air Force wanted to have rated as medical
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that one c.c. is equivalent to some definite weight of the substance
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doses for too long a time because like digitalis it
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to be only applicable in some cases because other motor or mixed nerves
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infection in all his cases of complicating laryngeal tuberculosis. Ed.
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of convallamarin and. grams of convallarin per kilo
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in partnership with Dr. James Campbell father of Sir Alex
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official government bodies and of voluntary organizations are sep
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the best effects on the majority of convalescent cases and he was
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this hospital more especially if thebrain have suffered from shock
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To fulfill its functions the spinal column must be at once strong and
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yet in other sections of rice country there were crowds of

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