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offer abundant opportunity for the acquisition of just

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in the existence of any fixed curvature of the spine however

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Twenty two cases twelve of which were the author s

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thyroid gland in females Its connection with palpitation with fits of hyste

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either of the Universities of Oxford Cambridge Edinburgh

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differentiate. Yet all these symptoms may be slight and the law wj

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it was moderately advanced while in Cases and it was advanced.

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social movements. Again they are claiming their own voice.

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Compression of the aorta above the tumor has been recommended and has

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In others none could be seen. The peripheral bundle showed as

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berculosis and muscular rheumatism. After a lapse of six

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must necessarily be greater than in the latter instance and it

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bility of the chest in a state of the fullest possible

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confidence as far as possible. He administered mor

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with the fighting efficiency of the whole and yet sufficient

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Hospital Medical Department of Syracuse University Evansville Medical

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pharynx accompanied by the most intolerable earache

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dressing wound and removing some shreds of cellular

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inside the veins ami arteries periuterine peripheral ami

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time to time I have made notes of the case. On OctO

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present both that which is free and that combined with glycerol. It is

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tomy with extraperitoneal treatment of the stump in these septic

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every week every fortnight or every month. Headaches of the migraine

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On tropical service the large amount of water vapour given oft

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who have sull ered from the affection who will not readily undergo this

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ascertained in each case see page. As determined with these

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Diarrhoea. Sulphuric acid dilute in officinal doses is

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precaution. If the flame be extinguished it would be dangerous to life

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data relatinsr to human longevity shows the average age of clergymen

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gathered the impression that it has no significance or very slight as

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returned almost completely. There still remains a little atro

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been informed. The highest douche at Paris falls from thirty two French

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