that might be removed with safety and that reports of

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matism. The affected joints are tender painful to the touch sometimes

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Tlie passage was kept open by the pessary and ultimately rendered

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the discovery of the bacillus in the pus. After inoculation with pus from

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make an effort to save the limb. The wound was dressed by a


right. Keep them coming to your office at least every two weeks. Examine

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hears in a course of systematic lectures. It would he better if

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articles liable to contamination at one meal. A very conservative

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about by disease may be considered under various heads

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number of enthusiasts who had come into this magnifi

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congestion or accumulation of.blood in the pulmonnry

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pale and very dark beef are undesirable the former is not suffi

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not apparent. Even when brought in substance upon the cornea

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When a French physician asserts in all seriousness

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degree within the past few years. It is as unfair as

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patient and at the same time produce practically a normal

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There were thirty two cases of lateral sinus thrombosis with septi

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Sayra Taylor and others was the proper machine to use

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To emphasize some of the points which I have already

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the nursery period so that it was well established before the

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nutrition in the bones themselves the lactic acid being formed in the

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trouble. Thus in studying any particular disease the

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know that the greatest difficulty is experienced in collecting

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the windows a little open before during and after the

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entitled to forbearance when the physician s inability

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be somewhat suspicious about such statements. In sleeping sickness

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mendation of a comjietent and duly authorized medi

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escence with a succeeding flaky white precipitate. Warming

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Board upon any measures to be adopted in the treat

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tion irrelevant. In this stage there is apt to be persistent

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usually attends the administration of chloroform and

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of washing the chest with vinegar and water beginning with it

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mrface is very rarely observed the thermometer however shows the heat

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will attribute significance to dreams as the direct

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beri patients and deserve close investigation. Hewlett

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difficulty. It is also a matter of prime importance in determining

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