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dead infants afier putting on their feet a steady force
is true that some lightly infected cases may fail to be detected this
turbances of tone. There was a hypertonicity of the
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ter on a separate fasting morning urine specimen. C ter
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bladder near fo forcibly as it did before the external water whofc
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Kustferi V. Un caso di atrotia dell ala magna dello
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June has not yet subsided although it is apparently
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vivisection was based on a purely humanitarian purpose and
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the proud flesh. For this purpose the knife will have to
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of degenerative changes in the peripheral nerves the spinal
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effects of the poison. The same will lie found in cases
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librium of temperature under varying conditions yet continued
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some diuretic eating sparingly taking no spirits and
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tion however is conducive to a deposition of bacteria in the pulmonary
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to be widely diffused through the air especially in the neigh
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felt in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. An Argyll Robertson pupil is rare in
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duced. In order to remedy this it is only necessary to increase the
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of a strangulated hernia although there Avas no perforation. Barbacci
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strate it. Living cells are extremely sensitive to carbon dioxide and normal
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He observes that in many cases wherein cold is useful wet is
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is closed with a perforated stopper in which is placed a bent glass
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Military Hospital at Kiew should be devoted to the deteetiori
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the truth of these assertions I have during the past two
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ular surfaces on each side of which are depressions for the attachment
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quite distinct from the passion of love though often its determining
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Dr. Barclay finds occasion to protest strongly against the whole
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jeot to periodical attacks of dipsomania but he had
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the neck along the jugular groove on the chest in the axillary
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will be apparent then that the unpolished rice as it
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These cutaneous aflections are cases in which syrup administered in
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water in the river and after the peojile had been in
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and so although very rarely may the apoplexies of heart disease.
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part dilfolvM into a hquor the fubfiding fait was by the interpofition
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