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slow in both of these patients there was a marked anemia
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ticable in this important field. From a study of the
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that of any other related Malay peoples except the Senoi group in
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the soft palate and of the vocal hand on the same side.
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the warning as to the use of malt sugar was timely.
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and eye instruments can be put on the same handle. The
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was noted the animals killed and the hemoglobin con
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audience participation of each subtopic by a subeditor into
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conditions may be exaggerated into considerable prominence in dis
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Honorable Harry W. Nice Governor of Maryland who had conferred
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while these tappings are being made from time to time
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The chief difference in the cat s habits noted are dullness or
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of its formation These are two questions which have been
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gout. To give another illustration let us quote a conver
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ate alterations were seen in the tubular epithelium with casts in the
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cult to procure free evacuations from the bowels and active cathartics may
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manner as most effectually to promote its general educational
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inference is naturally suggested by the regrets expressed
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moval of anterior obstructions often affords marked relief
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inside of the eyelids then apply the belladonna lotion as
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egoisme and of keenness of observation which prompts a
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the dietetic causation of ecurvj and bj the eomparative me shej i
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or hospital service from the United States deduction shall be made
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and as late as fourteen days generally the period of
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medies we must consult Hahnemann s Materia Medica Pura.
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disobedience of the resolution could not be enforced. The
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Simple inflammation may be either acute subacute or chronic. These three
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usual after the removal of a polypus. There was a good
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dangers of public funerals of those dying of small pox scar
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nasal discharge may be too insignificant to call for any remark. In
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will replace the money borrowed. The transaction was con
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fluid diminished liability to phthisis is characteristic of emphy
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corresponding change in medical teaching which will
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made so by Act of Parliament also the Senior Hagerman of
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cultures. The spores can withstand heating at C. for three

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