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A. Pilocarpine is recommended by some and may be given to

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cholesterine layer lying between the nucleus and the external crust was almost entirely

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replacing the piece of finger represented the impropriety of

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aneurism of aorta the one arising between right arytenoid

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curriculum so as to stimulate in the University greater life and

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In yellow fever in a case not rendered ataxic one sees the

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rhage left in the kidney it was followed by inflammatory

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N XT Q Bymptoms. Mental perception and thought are also slow

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the treatment of his case nitroglycerin digitalis and citrate of potassium

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not feeling able to deliver her without advice sent for me. I

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in colour with floating flakes of lymph. Specific gravity

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the healthy lung by broncho pneumonia appeared and patient died with

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stood from the accompanying illustrations figs. and.

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simple operation has been followed by an attack of tetanus although in

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early life and may lead to an niP TiyppHrnphv and dilatation of

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ferent forms in this disease. There is first an acute variety

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prominence of subjective symptoms render the distinc

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locations of the elbow may include both bones of the fore arm or

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body was opened by Ir. Fife and upon the most careful examina

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qualified optometrist among the detachment personnel. He was promptly

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were exposed the whole night after the action in open boats

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Garden nightshade. Family Solanaeese. Narcotic poi

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must extend by contagion. The pathologists of the European conti

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liaison consultant and advisory committees and also corps area state and

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cases there is no doubt that in these the hemorrhagic diathesis

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Corporation and some public companies had effected a great

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employment of a proper technique. In suitable cases the

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be perfomied merely to improve the flavor of their flesh.

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speed at which Scottish affairs were rushed through

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Morbid Anatomy during six months or certified attendance

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traction of the left ventricle necessary to overcome the aortic

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to sleep. This it does by reason of the determination of

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are explained and illustrated. Special rules regarding

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uterus to the sides of the pelvis each tube is about four

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most cases of short duration. There is also a more tran

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bleeding gums. The patient had been feeling very weak

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previous engagements etc. At St. Mary s Hospital by an

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