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In a somewhat conflicting report the Mayo Clinic concluded that THC was

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produce as full or a greater effect than a larger quantity

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mention disinfectants were freely used all over the house and fresh

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of the posterior sphenoid that is the arch of the second

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slowly but progressively from the first toward destructive metamorphosis

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inevitable that the South African novel should be written with a mis

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better health than those engaged. The rum ration was discontinued

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Bacteriological Study of the Genital I Traumatic Rupture of the Uterus dur

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night in a two per cent solution of lysol is freshly

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geon with anxious care. The following case fairly illustrates such

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frequently characterized by grey membranous exudation

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to tampon the vagina with iron cotton. The doctor was

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The occurrence of a parotitis in any well developed disease such as

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rapidly. Some authorities regard the cases which occur in youth as being

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Medical registration can put do ni quackery or exclude

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called malarious districts. Dr. Patton of tlie Waliash

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the patient is resting easily in a position which is equiva

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various theories of these diseases it will suffice to note that iron

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the initial febrile period and deserves the closest attention. The indica

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deviation test. After describing his technique which

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larvae and pupae are easily destroyed if the water is kept

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given indications of singular piety with a taste for

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upon peril of his health the average inspiration of one and

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married first at the age of years. Of this marriage one

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under the conjunctiva at the extreme corneal periphery

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was reduced to. Dr. Luzzati states that out of persons

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quent micturition no blood is passed but after protracted

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imladen ventilated and purified the sick removed from

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