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with a violent bronchitis which so closely simulated tubercular phthisis

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the Hospital four times a week by two such competent lecturers

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Juckiness stated that he considered the eye test reliable. He also

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supplies the army inspector must usually reject pieces showing

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to regard the large celled tubercles those with epithelioid and giant

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fair fame and exposed him to the ungenerous criticism of a

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The Secretary of the State Board of Veterinary Examiners called on

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as in tuberculosis of the knee or ankle. In older cases

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steamboat piers and railway stations. Many of them are more

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Reference was made to two cases in which the patients

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Ontario and.Western Railway Erie Railroad Delaware Lacka

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use may be. It also desires to collect all obtainable information historical

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analyzing the psychic state of the person and bring

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long time and never see the disease but one hears of

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senior medical class of the Xorthwestern University

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cerned in growth and nutrition both healthy and morbid.

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to forty drof s the next day and sixty drops the follow

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be instructed in regard to cleanliness. The temperature from

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out interruptions. In both conditions when broken com

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confluent cases or those barely confluent where the patient can be

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near future without doubt each morning will be seen

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rapid changes of tone during the same respiration while every

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Dr. A. L Benedict of Buffalo admitted frankly that he

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taking the extract of valerian in quantities rapidly increased to very

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struction of the infectious sputa of those suffering from

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or the pus in the old abscesses may burrow downward along the

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seizure but twenty four hours. The points of interest in the

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Schoeneck and others have expressed tliemselves against the diagnostic value of

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