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months and months at a time during the last three years. He

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begin. During this interim the disease seems to re

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tinct stream flowing close to the right bank of the

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This is often used for flatulence hysterica and faintness. Dose

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fo that all that can he properly afierted from Lealis s

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of the tibialis anticus has already been prepared see Fig.. The extensor

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any kind of oil or melted lard. A little gentle exercise

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ticularly infants the disease often invades both face

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there is a great aggravation of a pain which has existed

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baths and inhalations gas baths are here employed. Baden Baden

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The diseases of the nervous system characterized by disorders of

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but that it also is capable of producing convulsions if

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improper especially in the treatment of the so called

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and assumes that the reader has a knowledge of the laby

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much to Mr. Dalton s advantage to publish the paper at head

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first cites the case of the distinguished German sur

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taneously. Heart began to beat in about two minutes. Infusion was stopped as

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In complicated cases the occurrence of phlebitis may not be marked by

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ducing animals. Archeologists have unearthed proof of its use by

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differed in no respect from the description given by Smith and Ten Broeck

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