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being alarmed sent for the surgeon two hours after. Find
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he however liad not indulged overmuch in liquor and had enjoyed
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of precautionary measures for the prevention of epi
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mined with certainty. The influence of depressing emotions which are
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below the patella and the oth lt r above it. With the limb
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edly witnessed. In warm blooded animals this cannot be
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forceps followed if necessary by flushing with salt
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them and their influence be lost. The same motive should lead one to
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necessary that the animal infected should have tuberculous mammitis
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the fixation of the kidney. In certain cases in which he
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looned gut completed. The patient is passively returned
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itself though that is sufficiently thrilling it is the
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salicylate will be used in increasing doses up to two
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standing the fact that some of these cryptorchids were said
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Natal. gents for Advertisements and Subscriptions Messrs. Allen
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cent. Some operators report a lower death rate others much
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monly taken for hysteria. The points to be relied upon in the differentiation
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tive cases of infectious abortions occurred some twenty years ago
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feine and muriate of ammonia. Either the citrate or
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data of value. This test is particularly useful as indicating varia
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been given and in each case so treated shock has been
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paroxysms of cough and ineffectual attempts to expectorate. In
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drainages per day will prove to be ample. At least one drainage should
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First hygienic conditions Fresh air a large room changing the
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continued. Again gripping the handles swing them forward in the arc of
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in the general funds of the Society. Another question had
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example at certain stages of strychnine poisoning and during the action
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need feel it beneath him to imitate such illustrious examples.
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naturally caused a justifiable sensation among us. Several
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Alumni Society of the University of Pennsylvania. It is a unique journal
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the different varieties of sensibility are lost according to their arrangement
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the destruction of tissue by advancing ulceration and
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temperature reaction and local pain. The action of the
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neuil regard to supposed congenital luxations of the hip. He
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incision should be made well up toward the fundus and the vesical wall
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altogether on the mesenteric side. The tear was vertical

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