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any man could possibly be. With all that knowledge and experi

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Schoolgirl s Amenorrhea No study either at home or school.

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The operation had been completed without causing the patient any great

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who was graduated from the Medical School in. The principal of this fund

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portionate to the degree of contraction of the liver ex

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Thomas Savage M.D. Some Points on the Treatment of Flexions

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tion of connective tissue surrounding the psoas muscle.

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e xtent on the buttocks. There was no rigidity of the

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the death of three was reported by letter the death

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by traction and extension of its ligaments but Meissner had

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and called attention to the ignorance of the medical profession regarding

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Dose Two pills in a teaspoonful of water every four hours until

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A disease in birds characterized by loss of appetite weakness diarrhoea

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Barber late private in the nd Lincoln Militia Reject him

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Dr. Kosniak had recently told him that he believed in

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out and I am in hopes the operation has proved suc

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and that that and other special institutions now considered by

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enlarged and sensitive to pressure and the surface is frequently

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were visible. Microscopically the tumor was a round cell

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liver appeared to be just recovering from the effects of malarial

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