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ical tics are of the greatest diversity. Often beginning as a habit

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if there is tension uses a bread and water poultice. Why is

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manner namely from the vaginal side after tilting the

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OonorrhoBa. Castelan claims to have had excellent re

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under il gt lt microscope sections Bhould be made in the

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breath so long as the myocardium remains fimctionally competent

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hormone which the glands secrete into the blood. This conclusion is

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of unstriped muscular tissue with no trace of glaud

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presence of encapsulated trichina spiralis in large

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of it being abforbed by the increafed action of the lymphatics

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liver. Hanot and Gilbert exclude all the instances reported as primary

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puscles which an largel of the polynuclear and polymorphonu

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fields. The Surgeon st Bombardment Wing consulted with the command

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being carried out at Bellevue by the trustees. About eighty

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The Committee also sponsored its Second Symposium on

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Manning again for his keen interest in our work this year and our

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this muscle is the upper jiole of the gland with the

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