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modern precautions as to antisepsis and prevention of

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The patient who lived out at service was a rather delicately framed

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universally carried in academic and ecclesiastical processions.

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illustrations and of the theory which the author propounds

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rehearsal of what is already recorded in regard to the

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A similar plan of treatment is called for when foreign bodies of large

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always be administered with great caution. The patient should be

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Dr. Armstrong asked if it was necessary to use iodo


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rhage and ruptured tubal pregnancy transfusion is a

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lack of thoroughness on the part of the surgeon. In

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two courses of lectures before he shall become a licen

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cough. In violent paroxysms which although consequent upon the

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ments thrown in series on their surfaces or in their thickness.

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pancreas pituitary body etc. or of the exact action of extracts of

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Of the origin of basketry we know little. It is one

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tional treatment consists in the administration of potassium iodide general

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tests of muscular weakness and strength. The importance

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scientific influences that were to affect the whole

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A short time later a swelling appeared in the left cervical

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kind stimulating inspiration the other stimulating expiration.

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ago that if affairs progressed at the rate they had

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have seen a patient who employed medicated fluids in

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skin so the patient complains bitterly of restraint and is apt to take

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tions. He asked whether Dr. Goldthwait could demon

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not entirely decarbonized. From time to time convoluted masses are

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trained to respond to a given conditional reflex several occasions follow

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left flank and fluctuation could be made out. An incision

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utes had a great influence upon medical teaching in

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that we deem it prudent to omit them so long will the

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acetate of ammonia were employed in the epidemic typhus of

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it as a fulcrum on which to lever the dislocated bone into its

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tion was cheered by those gentlemen who did not understand

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rigidity of the abdominal muscles. The patient continued to improve

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