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were nodules in the upper end and in the cavity of the shaft.

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the patient suffered. The repeated curettements had the effect of

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may be tortuous they may be partial or complete rendering the

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viscera in the biped it acted as a corset. This should be

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masses in the lower epigastric and umbilical regions. They are superficial

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main to depend on or to be associated with destruction

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Act of Parliament creating the Province of Upper Canada was

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a bomb into a town burn a house or kill a man ought

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the sputum. The physical signs do not display the localized

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also be called endothelioma cylindroides or sarcomatodes or as we shall

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In chronic cases of muscular rheuma gt n nective tis

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Before permittiog a patient co nvalescent from a con

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excessive hyperesthesias especially in nervous patients I have used

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necessary that special wards for the treatment of syphilis should be

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There is at present in Luke Ward under Mr. Cooper s care a

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have shown that in the guinea pig the ovum forms an

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subterfuge dishonesty and hypocrisy. While at Vincennes he was in

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with great energy on the nerves of special sense and the

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Discrete Form. The patient is taken suddenly with a

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infection unless all the water courses were also protected to

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and to day persons so afflicted are living with their fam

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glance over the register of the institution shows that children from

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