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have oMained excellent results in the treatment of this

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honor is clue. I cannot close however before recom

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This secondary indentation which finally results in the formation of the

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such a hirge number after all. This note is not in

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results. When death does not ensue the results may be still more tragic.

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In his own words he says The technic of this treatment is

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demand for a second puncture became urgent. The amount dis

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War of the Behellion. Five appendices dealing with statistics

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pectant treatment when the first doses of serum were given yet

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kingdom but by an hydroftatical examination of feveral of them I found

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Dr. Jarvis could not accept this exclusive view. Some

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See Liauid oitodeldoc and Linimentum tatwnit comvos

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had been tried. The patient readily consented and under

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of successive rigors followed by corresponding de ressions. Siredey

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pearance of the color may cause sufficient inhibition to

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every lour hours and grs. quinine to intercept the next

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which he fails to reply frankly and satisfactorily.

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is suddenly attacked with a copious discharge of blood from the

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tus which he used had been fully described in his paper

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lesion before getting off the lowest scale or film which

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received. We sincerely wish him that full amount of success which his

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joint. The lower extremity the tip of which is known as the

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motion the bowl of the spoon was loosened and finally

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not cause him much concern even if it were proved absolutely not

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dent of the New Orleans Sanitary Commission sitting in grave

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intoxication resulting from the tuberculin secreted

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visions equally to the laity and to the profession

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night until the animal is relieved. This disease is sometimes

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entiate cases of pyloric obstruction in which the food in

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cephalus also one showing extreme bowing of the body.

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cancerous nodules varying in size from that of a Lima

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cubic centimetres of a culture the virulence of which was

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