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stroma of the ovary is the characteristic condition of this organ.

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sion. The organizations were effected March. We will come to the

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the stomach particularly in bilious cases. It is very

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kept in paper bags well preserved from the air. Herb

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Flastoprolepsls plas to pro lep sis plasso to form

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not in the world. No nation could be successful which

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September. The history was that she had been well till

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the sound alveoli is practically normal because superventilation can not cause it to

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the supervisor the deus ex machina for the individual

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iaviUuable remedy. For example a patient is feverish by setting

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prevents the normal valves from closing perfectly. The nw

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in its course and consists of a series of paroxysms and

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nition of abnormal cardiovascular strain which is so

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the same sort of condition as though a bullet had penetrated the bowel

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when they gradually subsided and the atient was supposed to have

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process may completely destroy the cerebral matter as far as the lateral

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same time very characteristic. Sex or age does not appear to

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Medicinal Treatment of Rheumatoid Artfiritis. Banna

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than ninety feet above the level of the river. As they are cut

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extractions a cotton wad soaked in a per cent solution

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or numerous punctiform hemorrhages are seen irregularly situated.

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within the capsular ligament at the joint the synovia

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blood serum of the patient. The exudate may contain

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temperature as the surface of the bather s body. The result is

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as derived from a single original cell the nucleus of which divides

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mild and at other times more severe than those of the

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Hydrocele. A small stream of cold water poured daily

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The infection cannot be transferred from one bird to

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and returned about ten weeks afterward soon after being seized with severe

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There are very few major operations that can be confidently under

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assume the responsibility of one who comes to speak and presumably to

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some of the changes already noted in the mouth but occasionally

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years duration and comprises attendance on a course of each of the

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