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in shell holes for two or three days. It has not been

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turkeys but quickly regresses. Definite swelling which appears

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which the process of pasteurization is carried out. Bac

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very short of breath refuses solid food but partakes of liquids

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for operation I consented to operate. On opening the abdomen

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accountably hospitable and cordial to us. We have been wined and dined

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head. It does not often affect the respiration greatly.

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came to the place. In one house there have been six such deaths.

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scher und Aerzte. see Gesellschaft deutscher Naturforscher

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and forearm appears to be a very rare affection and more espe

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without much success. A saturated solution of camphor in oil to drops

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of the body induced by the injection of a local an

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objection prevents the realization in practice of what is theoretically

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dertakes to use that ordinary skill and care for the

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is also in overseas duty with the Forestry Division of the th

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EuBULUS. It is less remarkable as to the former than it is as

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molecular basis of chyle which consists chiefly of minute fatty particles of which

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A third group which has also interested me greatly is that group with

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for the reason that they do not overcome the danger

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be substituted for the meat in many instances to advantage. When in spite

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thickened and coarse and the hair and sebaceous follicles enlarged.

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