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heating are not harmless to healthy animals. In time they

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fected the fifth and seventh are at times under control

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those cases that are due to syphilis when the iodids must be pushed.

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a Fexception des miasmes contagieux de la gale qu il

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approach of its warm waters to the Newfoundland shores

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This is surely not Episcopal teaching but it is interesting.

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to reliable authority resist putrefaction for a long

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day May nd and Monday May th. A preliminary program just issued

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steps have been taken in prophylaxis. Mosquitoes in dwellings may be

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The Work of the Gynaecological Clinic of the Hospital of

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tion also the kidneys. Creosote is employed chiefly with the idea

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day he could swallow nicely. In such work Dr. Meyer

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dorsal to the optic foramen. Quite frequently the foramen for

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for by the fact that the individual muscle fibers of the auricles contract

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Mr. William Patten president of the board of trustees.

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We should not consider this a distinct disease a febris herpetica.

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The Social Science Congress will commence its proceedings at

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desire to board with a Medical man many of our Profession

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when the fever declined and the action of the sulphate of quinia

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