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bargain with government for such fee schedules. Up to the

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but finding that he would be required to undergo some proba

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right. Most of the aneurisms were situated in the upper lobes as might

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me that there are few diseases the course of which can be more

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culosis must be looked for. Peritoneal involvement will be

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haemorrhage ploughing up the corpus striatum or from softening

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conditions. It is possible that they are converted into

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Medical Sciences says that in a general way.x ray examinations may

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There is no donWt that the presence of the above noticed bodies within

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any other way than by operation. The surgeon told him it

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progressive loss of hearing. Barany of Vienna has thrown much light on

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an aspirating apparatus. The needle is thrust into the

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decided influence upon this temperature. Especially

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longer terrorize civilized nations as they formerly did the

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which constitutes other forms of monomania. The patient is as

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ered before the physician could testify. It is competent

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mittent fevers than to observe inflammation or evidence of its having

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serums. The patients with pneumonia as a rule gave good fixation

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Alaska and has also read the principal literature relating to that

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oozing caused by active manipulations of pelvic structures

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sence of ringing and pallor of the cells was there

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Eye Ear and Throat Hospital may be of value and interest.

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the other hand Duchenne and Joffroy are of opinion that the

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hog. This impure animal accustomed to live in the most offensive

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apply it quick euougli to stop the fit. Continu the oil and

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but in the hope of pecuniary profit by an award from

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ration is more tranquil and regular the pulse continues full and

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by a modificatiou of nutritive movements it follows

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they provided or should provide relieved chronic colitis

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Veterinary Police. A similar procedure as in hemorrhagic

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the palate caused by the patient s efforts to swallow gagging

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On evaporating some of the filtered ethereal extract and

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tetanus has been confirmed by a number of observers

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